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Our Story

This company was built on love. Love for what we do and for each other. I (Mariko) was an interior designer who had to pivot when the economy crashed in 2008. A new career path led me to apartment property management where I met my partner Chris and found new inspiration. We came to the realization that there was a whole group of people being overlooked by interior designers- apartment residents. If we made our prices more accessible and found a better way of furnishing small spaces, we could offer that same high-end interior design skill to more than big-budget homeowners. So together, Chris and I developed The Apartment Designer, a niche company specializing in the design of small spaces. Utilizing our combined expertise and fueled by genuine passion, we have built up a clientele base consisting of multi-property apartment owners, corporate housing companies, and our original inspiration- the average apartment renter. It's extremely rewarding work we are grateful to do every day!

Mariko Interiors, The Apartment Designer
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